In praise of nudity: eyes should be washed, see differently. 💫
It is only loving that is beautiful and what is not

beautiful is not worth loving. This literature, an allegory found in the works of Euripides, partly expresses a common view of the sense of beauty in ancient Greece. The beauty of the naked and perfectionist Greek body is pleasing and arouses human praise, and more than its purpose was sexual pleasure, it was to show beauty, which became a source of visual pleasure due to its formal value. Therefore, ideal beauty was considered the carrier of psychological beauty. Throughout the history of art, the creation of works of art requires adherence to the noble and sublime, the noble gives the work of art a poetic nature from within, and thus the audience is drawn to the height of passion and attraction. Nudity in the painting of women and the display of sexual organs expressed the unattainability of this high quality. The concept of impossible and unattainable love is more the result of the influence of medieval romantic interpretations that presented Greek models with a religious approach. After the Renaissance, the classical goals were revived and the suppressed physical desire appeared in a mystical and abstract form.
In this way, the nudity and appearance of the members did not have sexual characteristics and inner passion, but represented the thoughts of the soul of each historical period. From the Greek standards of proportion and perfection to the clarity of the middle Ages and the genius of the Renaissance artist and a romantic imagination that finally ended in the freedom of modern art. In the Renaissance and beyond, the desire to revive Greek mythology and sometimes the revolutionary fever of classicism brought Greek epics and naked warriors back on display. For this reason, in history, in the art of painting and sculpture, we see many works that show nudity in its essence. You can see that Michelangelo’s David looks at us naked and angry, is the artist’s boldness in showing a prophet naked a sign of disbelief? If so, the strict Vatican Church, with its fanatical Christian council rules, will destroy it with the hammer of ignorance before it is displayed in the cathedral. The work of the artist is to breathe in colors and elements, and no artist throughout the history of the glorious art has intended to arouse the human sexual desire, because according to Aristotle, art is the purification and originality of the soul, which has been manifested in different ways at different times. . Eyes should be washed and look at the world with a new perspective.

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