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In praise of nudity: eyes should be washed, see differently. 💫
It is only loving that is beautiful and what is not beautiful is not worth loving. This literature, an allegory found in the works of Euripides, partly expresses a common view of the sense of beauty in ancient Greece. The beauty of the naked and perfectionist Greek body is pleasing and arouses human praise, and more than its purpose was sexual pleasure, it was to show beauty, which became a source of visual pleasure due to its formal value. Therefore, ideal beauty was considered the carrier of psychological beauty. Throughout the history of art, the creation of works of art requires adherence to the noble and sublime, the noble gives the work of art a poetic nature from within, and thus the audience is drawn to the height of passion and attraction. Nudity in the painting of women and the display of sexual organs expressed the unattainability of this high quality. The concept of impossible and unattainable love is more the result of the influence of medieval romantic interpretations that presented Greek models with a religious approach. After the Renaissance, the classical goals were revived and the suppressed physical desire appeared in a mystical and abstract form.

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In this way, the nudity and appearance of the members did not have sexual characteristics and inner passion, but represented the thoughts of the soul of each historical period. From the Greek standards of proportion and perfection to the clarity of the middle Ages and the genius of the Renaissance artist and a romantic imagination that finally ended in the freedom of modern art. In the Renaissance and beyond, the desire to revive Greek mythology and sometimes the revolutionary fever of classicism brought Greek epics and naked warriors back on display. For this reason, in history, in the art of painting and sculpture, we see many works that show nudity in its essence. You can see that Michelangelo’s David looks at us naked and angry, is the artist’s boldness in showing a prophet naked a sign of disbelief? If so, the strict Vatican Church, with its fanatical Christian council rules, will destroy it with the hammer of ignorance before it is displayed in the cathedral. The work of the artist is to breathe in colors and elements, and no artist throughout the history of the glorious art has intended to arouse the human sexual desire, because according to Aristotle, art is the purification and originality of the soul, which has been manifested in different ways at different times. . Eyes should be washed and look at the world with a new perspective.




She said, I am not an angel, I was not a prophet, I dont have miracles, I am a human being, I am a woman.
She was injured, as if her had come back from the war, She was removing her skin bandages one by one and telling me what had happened to her.

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She said, I am not an angel, I was not a prophet, I dont have miracles, I am a human being, I am a woman.
She was injured, as if her had come back from the war, She was removing her skin bandages one by one and telling me what had happened to her.

In all societies, a man is a predetermined person and a woman is another!
I have my own personal sufferings, but I am prescribed general remedies.
One day of stress from being seen with someone, one day of fear of going somewhere alone.

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The main role of most movies is played by men, and if the main role of a movie is a woman, female and male actors are ultimately seen as equal, the heroes of computer games are men, and playing the role of a woman causes dissatisfaction. And loss for film companies. While no one is against the role of a fox, a mouse or a turtle in the game, the work space is full of looks and collisions, if you are shivering from the cold in the office because of your body system, if the cupboards and shelves are made in such a way It happened that you are short compared to them, if your picture is not on the banknote, it is because you are condemned to be forgotten and ignored as a woman.
All these and thousands of other angers that I review with myself every day are no reason to give up. Who has ever seen a woman surrender?
Yesterday was not without me and tomorrow will not be without me. So what is the place of mourning for me who is not a prophet? I am the religion of humanity. I’m not a miracle, I’m a dream. I am a human being, a woman.

Started work in 2014
The number of stop motion puppets
The number of masks

Sometimes I think that making puppets is the most beautiful thing in the world.
You put a cloth with different colors in front of you and then you choose what shape your puppet will be.
Her hair is curly, her lips are red, her eyes are the size of buttons, She/he/they is always laughing or crying.

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Then you dress her up with whatever you think are the most beautiful fabrics in the world, a long red skirt with white polka dots, or a man’s shirt with short sleeves, you can even choose whether your puppet is a boy or a girl or everything else, big or small.
Sometimes you get so close to your puppet that when you put her/his/them under the sewing machine to sew, you hear her cry, tears gather in your eyes and you say sorry, I know you are hurt, but you have to be strong.
You putting up him/her/them the best place in the house and you stare at him/her/them every now and then for no reason.
Maybe give it to someone dearer to you and tell: this is Mrs. Leili or Mr. Farhad, remember not to hurt her/him/them.
You don’t care at all if the person in front of you stares at you & dumbfounded without understanding what you are saying for a moment and just say ok!
Puppet making, is the most beautiful thing in the world because you can create all your wishes from a person with a few pieces of fabric and a sewing machine.

A little remains of everything, a little remains of a destroyed bombed bridge, a blade of grass, a rose branch, an empty pack of cigarettes.
A little bit of your chin, in your daughter’s chin.
A little of everything remains…
A little of me in my puppets…

I am from the land of puppets
I will come
From under the shadows of paper trees
In the garden of a picture book

I dreamed that I was a butterfly…
I woke up now…
I don’t know anymore…
I am a person who dreamed of becoming a butterfly!
Or I am a butterfly who dreams of being human!

Maybe in psychology books, the safety between puppets is defined as a kind of madness, but in the puppet therapy book, I will write one day that the safety between puppets is so indescribable that we may mistake them for humans!
Puppets are an attempt at truth
Puppets are quite like eternity
I am no stranger to eternity
I walk with puppets in a starry eternity

I dreamed that they cut us and took us to the carpentry workshop
They made a window from the person who was in love
They made a gallows of that person who was cruel
And they made a door out of me to pass

Our running speed in adulthood
It has a direct and unmistakable connection with
The product of solitude in dreams
In our deepest desires
Divided into years of postponement and patience

It was noon when the man was set on fire in the city square, they said he was an infidel. That morning the man stood on the hill next to the city and shouted: Oh people, the sun is not in the sky, it is in my house, it dances for me, it laughs, it talks, it bakes bread, it kisses me and from its kiss A thousand birds are released in me. He said that the moon is not in the sky, it is in my house. My fingers dance on the vertebrae of it back and when I hug it, my soul flies. He said that God is in my house, it walks in a short white dress with a body the color of wheat and two dark and smiling eyes.

that God is a beautiful woman. who kills me with a frown and revives me with a kiss. They burned the man in the city square, they said he had become an infidel
The woman stood in the corner of the square and cried. The man’s ashes flew and sat on the woman’s tears, the woman’s tears became pearls and dripped on the ground. The earth came alive, it was spring, the birds came and sat on the branches and sang, people became tame, and the days were blessed with the fragrance of love.

My feeling : I believe in dreams
My mind: No, fantasy is the opium of this world!
Imagination is like eating a melon. You don’t know what you are doing with yourself, but when you entered the fantasy and touched the real world and shivered, at that moment you remember that this shiver is the sweet melon of fantasy. Imagination is the resting place of the mind, don’t  let your mind rest a lot.
My feeling : The imagination that takes my mind wherever it wants, to those heights, to places that are not necessarily my choice
Like sleep
This is how dreams begin and continue, you enter sleep from a place that is no longer under your control
I was shaking
My imagination took me away & I trembled after these imaginations

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